Wealth Hackers

It turns out THE ONE THING

It turns out 

…that 100% of the people who had success in becoming WEALTHY all had this in common:

They All Had BELIEF!


The belief that you can become wealthy is the most important thing. The 2nd is
the knowledge of how to do it. 

By joining wealth hackers, you are joining a community that will inspire, motivate and give you the belief, the tools and the knowledge to create the wealth you want!

Courses & Content

Exclusive Wealth Hacker Courses and Content:

  • Open access to new courses around the topic of Investing and Wealth, released every 1-2 months. Including asset and sector training, for example:
    • Structure Notes
    • Multifamily, Residential, Commercial, Industrial etc
    • much more
  • Massive discounts (50% – 99%) on selected high end courses and masterminds
  • Investor Test – Personalized Path Video Library of over 100 videos
  • Access to all previously released courses, content & webinars
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How to use ChatGPT

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2023 Market Review with Caleo Capital

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21 Lessons of 2021

Scott Picken, Founder of Wealth Migrate and Group CEO of Global Wealth Group, shared the top 21 lessons for 2021.

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Exclusive Wealth Hacker Events:

  • Interview webinars – We interview Wealth Educators and Authorities
  • Wealth personality hacks – We go deep into the mind and thinking’s behind some of the most successful people (in the industry) and breakdown how they did it. For example:
    • Richard Branson
    • Ray Dalio
    • Cathie Wood
  • Learning & lessons webinars – We share new lessons and what’s happening and working at the moment
  • Ask Anything zoom session – You get the chance to have your burning questions answered by Wealth Authorities


Investor Test

How To Create a Personalised Path to Wealth

Create a Personalised Path to Wealth Without Having To Spend Decades Figuring Out How To Do It. A Simple Framework, which will literally tell you the next steps you need to take in a personalized way to get yourself to your goal.

The Investor Test Report

How To Use The 5 Pillars of Wealth

An interactive online report that is constantly updated where you will always have access to the latest updates and links to the most relevant information. The 5 pillars upon which wealth is built are based on, I Ching, which has some of the most ancient knowledge on this planet, the fundamentals of investing, real estate and business and the laws of nature.

Personalized Path to Wealth

A Step By Step Interactive Framework to Guide You

Personalized Path to Wealth, step by step interactive framework which figures out exactly where you are and helps guide you to invest with purpose, grow your mindset and investment knowledge, harness the power of collaboration and partnerships, tighten up your financial destiny and set up personalized systems to manage it all.”

Global Market Forecasts

Dollar Exchange Rate Prediction vs Euro, Gold, Bitcoin and Rand





Forecasts on 5 Global Markets

Gain insight into the likely roadmap on 5 major global markets, to enable you to make informed investment and business decisions, with our predictions giving a complete overview of the upcoming trends.
  • Euro vs US Dollar (EUR/USD) Forecast Updates
  • Dollar Index (DXY) Forecast Updates
  • Gold vs US Dollar (XAU/USD) Forecast Updates
  • Bitcoin vs US Dollar (BTC/USD) Forecast Updates
  • Rand vs US Dollar (USD/ZAR) Forecast Updates

Medium-Long Term Forecast

Medium-Long Term Forecast – This gives the big picture overview as to where these markets are likely to head for the next few months and years, giving you the information you need to make long term strategic decisions as to WHAT you need to do to protect yourself and benefit from favourable moves.

These will be updated once per month, around the 15th, to give you the view ahead for the coming weeks, months and years.


Private groups exclusive for Wealth Hackers

  • Wealth Hackers Community – Connect, engage & share with other Wealth Hackers
  • Investor Test – 5 Pillars of Wealth Discussion groups
  • Weekly Wealth Insights – Early access to the Weekly Wealth Insights by Scott Picken
  • Global Market Forecasts Community Group – Ask questions and discuss
  • Motivational Monday quote – Need motivation? Get Wealth Hacker motivational quotes including quotes shared by the community.
  • Real People Real Stories – Short, concise interviews with ordinary people who have hacked their way to success